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Inspiring scenery

“People are alive in nature.”

2000, winter.
At that time, soon after I started living in Myoko, Niigata Prefecture, I didn't forget the snow even if I wished, and I never forget that I just felt the pain of the previous words just looking up at the snowy sky.

I was impressed by the beauty of the surrounding scenery every day.

Today, we just seek comfort through convenience, and there are few spaces that resonate with our hearts. In addition, we feel that we tend to ignore the environment for living in the future. The air is dirty and hot, the water needs to be disinfected and the population producing food is decreasing.
In addition, architecture can sometimes be accompanied by destruction of the natural environment. I feel very hard about it.

What should be left in the future is not a convenient and solid architecture that relies on electricity, I think it is the creation of an environment and space where living is comfortable.

I think that the scenery by the natural environment is always the best space where you can feel the change and never get bored.

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